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Winona Foods Logo

Winona Foods

Full line domestic cheese line, private label Wisconsin, New Mexico, Idaho and California production available.

World's Best Cheeses Logo

World’s Best Cheeses

Full line imported, specialty and artisan cheeses, meats  and specialty foods from around the world.

 Lamonica's Pizza Dough

Lamonica’s Pizza Dough, Precotta

“the dough makes the pizza, Lamonica’s makes the dough”

Pizza Dough Balls, Pizza Skins, Foccacia – Frozen & Par-Baked. Using only 100% natural ingredients, and high protein flour.

Mrs Stewart's Bluing

Mrs. Stewart’s Bluing

…for over a century, The most effective, versatile, economical laundry whitener available!

Sunora Logo

Sunora Foods, LTD

Sunera brand canola cooking oils, deep fry, culinary, foodservice, retail

Spirit Bear Logo - Outline

Spirit Bear Coffee Company

Fair Trade Certified and Certified Organic quality coffee. The blends are named after the animals of the Northwest. All purchases contribute to social and environmental enterprises.

TStix Logo


What is Tstix? It’s an easier, better way to enjoy a flavorful range of teas. No strings, spoons, tags, mess or paper taste—just pure enjoyment. Give it a stir!

Semak Logo

Superior, Export, Marketing, Alliance and Knowledge

SEMAK Greece is a source for the highest quality olive oils and specialty Mediterranean products. See below for more information.

F&B Graphics Logo

F&B Graphics and Promotions

Over 1M Quality Personalized Promotional Products & Business Gifts – Custom Silkscreen & Embroidered Apparel – Website Design & Maintenance – Printing – Signs & Banners, Interior & Exterior, Trade Show Booths – Art Direction, Graphic Design Services and much more!

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SEMAK Greece

Superior, Export, Marketing, Alliance and Knowledge

Liapina Semak Logo

Liapina Branded Products

For over 150 years, the olive groves, which are located at the foot of the Byzantine city of Mystra, are owned by our family.

The name of our land is called Liapina. It comes from the French word Lapin which means Rabbit. In the 8-10 century the area of Mystra was ruled by the French. During this time our land was famous for Jack Rabbits or wild Rabbits. So the land was named “Rabbit Land” by the Greeks.

Liapina Olive Oil

Liapina Olive Oil

Family-owned, Estate produced Olive Oil, Sparta, Lakonia, Greece. Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO), Organic Olive Oils

Liapina Olive Oil

Mediterranean Olive Oils

Extra Virgin Olive Oils (EVOO)
Superior <2% Acidity, Organic,
Country of Origins: COO each Greece, Spain, Italy
Flavored EVOO, Virgin Olive Oil,
Olive Oil (classic), Olive Pomace Oil. Special Designation Olive Oils:
P.D.O. Kalamata, and others.

Liapina Semak Logo

Greek Olives, Vegetables, Specialities

Olives: all sizes, varieties, custom packs.
Retail, Food Service, Bulk
Olive Pastes, Tapenades , Picked Vegetables, Grilled Vegetables, Peppers, Sauces, Specialty Items

Liapina Semak LogoNatural Greek Beverages

Largest Greek Soft Drink and Juice Company. Juices, Nectars, Soft Drinks, Ice Teas

Liapina Semak LogoGreek Cheeses

Authentic Greek Cheese Varieties

Vegan Cheese Alternatives
Top quality Cheese alternatives.. Branded products and private label goods for food service and retail .
Low Cholesterol, Low Fat, Suitable for Vegetarian/Vegan diets and people with Lactose intolerance.

Liapina Semak LogoExport Opportunities

** Export Opportunities
to Greece, Russia **